Friday, November 4, 2011

YAY!! my first post!!FASHIOON-CRAZAY!!

ok..this post is gonna be bout this blog entirely^^
first of all this blog is literally about my crazy obsession with fashion, a lot of people around me also kinda noticed it cuz of my mountain high amount of Cleo magazines in my room. i love mixing n matching stuff that looks cool but effortless.i guess my fashion icon would be 2ne1 cuz they r so so cool!! n cuz i dream of being a fashion designer i'd say Marc Jacobs is awesome.i love his playful style and quirky fashion sense>.<

anyway im only gonna post bout 4 things which are..

fashion SWAT
well its kinda like fashion police but based on my opinion and you guyz if you wanted to^^
and this fashion swat will take over all around asia,britain,and the united states!lol i'll be taking a look at celebrities fashion senses and commenting on wht their wearing<3

no offences though for the die hard fans,just wanna speak out loud!(my opinion)

must HAVE items!
stuff that i found on bargain prices and making it look fab.sometimes i'll even sell those items so keep a good look out^^

prices are based on the items prices and location.

MY daily style!
how i dress myself and my very own gonna upload the pictures and post it on this blog with the garments info and prices.etc where i buy them,how much it costs me and the materials.

no haters allowed but comments are acceptable.

street STALKER!
so.. whenever i go out i always check out how other people dress themselves.i know its kinda a bad habit but i can't stop doing it!! lol! anyway my plan is to take pictures of stylish people n post!!giving the world a glimpse of Malaysian fashion sense

fashion LUST....
wht i find totally sexy and i really really want it but can't quite buy cuz of my budget.
since imma student i don't really have much money n shop as much but wht i blive is that sometimes style is flexible and don't even cost tht much^^

KPOP fever
just about asian style that i super adore!! like they're cute sweater and super big glasses.

anyway thats all cuz my tummy hurts and imma fly to the toilets now.

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