Friday, November 11, 2011

my daily STYLE : yellow neon cotton pants

so i promised tht i'd upload my picture of how i wear neon yellow pants on the  fashion LUST : neon denim pants . so here they are .......... dum....dum....dum

OK so wht i wore was a green plaid shirt from diesel(rm 59.90) orange tank top from F.O.S (rm 30 for 3) and YELLOW cotton pants from scarlet (rm49.90) plus a vest i bought a million years ago so i kinda forgot wht brand and price.^^

all of my clothes never cost me more than rm100 cuz im a student n i have a very tight budget(>0<)

anyway tht's all^^


Saturday, November 5, 2011

KPOP fever : NERD glasses are adorable

i love the super big glasses or nerdie style cuz its super duper crazay cute!!
can't believe me?

here is a very convincing evidence.........

so...isn't they the cutest guys ever n with super nerdie glasses!!
(FYI this hottie here is cnu from b1a4 and lee gi kwang from a b2uty anyway^^.check out b1a4 new mv

so these are some of the types and sizes.
ok,sometimes choosing the wrong type of glasses can make you look nerdie in a BAD way so always opt for the right size and shape so that it can actually flatters you n make you look good.

if u r really gooood looking then technically anything works but if u have a round or a square face like me n my cousin you gotta find the most appropriate shapes.

..for round or chubby faces, a SQUARE glasses can actually frame your face better and gives you a polished look.
..while people with square faces can use a rounder type of glasses to soften your strong facial structures.

wht to wear them with......
for guys.

for girls

so ths all for 2day!
selamat hari raya aidiladha!!


fashion LUST......neon denim pants!!

damn i lust for those sexy neon denim pants!!
they just looks so cool!!

if anyone were to wear them i'd think they are the awesomest trend setter ever!!
esp bright red denim pants or purple colored denim pants!its just so sexy!!

some of the stars spotted wearing em' are.....

fergie,ashley simpsons and rachel bilson.

see how those pants pops out and kinda grab our attention so much!so if you wanna be a show stopper these types of denims really works!!

i bought one, yellow pants but its not really denim kinda like cotton but the texture is similar to denim.
its cheaper and kinda like a alternative for those with lower budgets like me^^
but yellow pants is lil bit trickier to match with my clothes.

when you're wearing yellow pants opt for something that is classic and simple or you can always do layering with common colors.u can also go with similar tones,play up the citrus color and have fun!!

i'll upload my picture n how i wear my yellow pants later so see ya!!


Friday, November 4, 2011

YAY!! my first post!!FASHIOON-CRAZAY!!

ok..this post is gonna be bout this blog entirely^^
first of all this blog is literally about my crazy obsession with fashion, a lot of people around me also kinda noticed it cuz of my mountain high amount of Cleo magazines in my room. i love mixing n matching stuff that looks cool but effortless.i guess my fashion icon would be 2ne1 cuz they r so so cool!! n cuz i dream of being a fashion designer i'd say Marc Jacobs is awesome.i love his playful style and quirky fashion sense>.<

anyway im only gonna post bout 4 things which are..

fashion SWAT
well its kinda like fashion police but based on my opinion and you guyz if you wanted to^^
and this fashion swat will take over all around asia,britain,and the united states!lol i'll be taking a look at celebrities fashion senses and commenting on wht their wearing<3

no offences though for the die hard fans,just wanna speak out loud!(my opinion)

must HAVE items!
stuff that i found on bargain prices and making it look fab.sometimes i'll even sell those items so keep a good look out^^

prices are based on the items prices and location.

MY daily style!
how i dress myself and my very own gonna upload the pictures and post it on this blog with the garments info and prices.etc where i buy them,how much it costs me and the materials.

no haters allowed but comments are acceptable.

street STALKER!
so.. whenever i go out i always check out how other people dress themselves.i know its kinda a bad habit but i can't stop doing it!! lol! anyway my plan is to take pictures of stylish people n post!!giving the world a glimpse of Malaysian fashion sense

fashion LUST....
wht i find totally sexy and i really really want it but can't quite buy cuz of my budget.
since imma student i don't really have much money n shop as much but wht i blive is that sometimes style is flexible and don't even cost tht much^^

KPOP fever
just about asian style that i super adore!! like they're cute sweater and super big glasses.

anyway thats all cuz my tummy hurts and imma fly to the toilets now.