Saturday, November 5, 2011

KPOP fever : NERD glasses are adorable

i love the super big glasses or nerdie style cuz its super duper crazay cute!!
can't believe me?

here is a very convincing evidence.........

so...isn't they the cutest guys ever n with super nerdie glasses!!
(FYI this hottie here is cnu from b1a4 and lee gi kwang from a b2uty anyway^^.check out b1a4 new mv

so these are some of the types and sizes.
ok,sometimes choosing the wrong type of glasses can make you look nerdie in a BAD way so always opt for the right size and shape so that it can actually flatters you n make you look good.

if u r really gooood looking then technically anything works but if u have a round or a square face like me n my cousin you gotta find the most appropriate shapes.

..for round or chubby faces, a SQUARE glasses can actually frame your face better and gives you a polished look.
..while people with square faces can use a rounder type of glasses to soften your strong facial structures.

wht to wear them with......
for guys.

for girls

so ths all for 2day!
selamat hari raya aidiladha!!


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