Thursday, April 12, 2012

fashion LUST : overSIZED knit sweater

man it's been a while!
well i'm back n ready to party rock fashion the globe!!!!
(lol do i even make sense??) trending is the oversized knit sweater tht is all over the mags!!
gosh im, am so infatuated with those cute LOOSE sweaters!!
it's just so effortlessly stylish and sexy..... (>3<)
cuz of it's loose fit cuttings it really makes you look somewht taller n leaner.'s also a bonus for those people who are a plus sized cuz most of the time it will fit n make us chubby girls look more slimmer

goodness , , , i really want these knit sweaters!
it looks so good n yummy!! if only i have more money n a freakin rich parents.
lol i'd buy every single one of these n wear them everyday^^

oh well wht can i say, i'll just have to study really hard n get a really good job n buy them ALL!!!!

lol yep i am a potentially obsessed shopaholic  
 but fashion is so addictive!!!

anyway tht's all 4 today(*___*)