Thursday, April 24, 2014

DRAMA QUEEN : lee bo young

well i have been a hardcore fan of the drama god's gift 14 days.
well the awesome plot really drew me in and obviously the fact that the actress is lee bo young, it's rather promising. personally i love her acting! she has this bitchy/strong-ish kind of vibe.
not the typical cute, innocent and personally rather naive type of acting where its always "smiling but broken inside" kinda thing.
her acting felt real! i mean she ugly-cries people!! (though she still look like a goddess)

but baro was like the bamm!! factor i guess muehehehe since im a b1a4 stan and seriously i KENNOT keep a straight face seeing him stutter! he's a beast! at rapping n acting dumb <3
but back to lee bo young!

wow i gotta say i love love love her style in this drama!
its really the the big sluggish layers that makes all the difference haha she looks like one tasty layer cake each time this lady sets out to find the killer! but this technique is actually very refined....

too much layers n you'll definitely look bulky, too little just becomes why bother?! 
so what i noticed here is that they are playing with a lot of neutral tones.
olive/military green
brown (definitely)

now these are the colors that works amazing when layered together! from my point of view, never...
I MEAN NEVER go with bright colors if you want to do some serious layering! you'll look like this..

 seriously i have seen this before! this person looked like a walking popsicle!
and apparently, she does not look tasty
nu uh~~

now this is another look i realllllyy~~~~~~ love! screen caped from le drama, soohyun looks amazing!

what an annoyingly cute couple (i don't like this guy -_-) 

but she does rock the knitted-esque blazer amazingly. apparently its kind of her signature in this drama, the costume designer prob wanted to make soo hyun's rugged character a whole cuz i see bo young wearing lots of these androgynous outfit.
boyfriend style or oversized <3

she also plays a lot with scarves, since the shooting started somewhere around the end winter, practically her outfits were probably intended to be warm. but its nice how they incorporated these accessories, that at the same time still very much androgynous. seriously i never saw this lady with a bracelet or a necklace. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Interview at UITM for mass communication : disaster? Im not sure.. Dramatic? Yes indeed

So ehem nk ckp bm but since the whole interview was in english imma write in english like I always do ^^

ok found out that I was called for le interview n my reaction was yay!!!! It le uitm haha my dream university♥ but 1 hour later it struck me..... its for mass communication -_- huh I was hoping my life out for design~~ even finished a portfolio on my designs and drawing T.T
Well since my lifelong dream is being a fashion designer but I was a coward of the risks n the amount of commitment needed to actually breath in le fashion industry. So after a dayvof bawling my eyes out I finally starts doing preparation. 

I looked up the study with the help of good old mr about the definition n well... related stuff
Since im a fashion lover/ shopaholic.. dragged mommy to sungei wang to buy me outfits haha spent around rm 200++
But I realized I wasted too much time, once again with le help of master google I found a few tips n tricks.

So here's the deal.... the writing exam is seriously NOT SUPRISING haha.i got the exact same question -_- wish spm was like tht.
The questions are :
Wht do u know about mass com
Why did u choose mass com
How can u contribute in this study if u were choosen

Ok, piece of cake.. xD
But the hard part of the interview is the interview itself. Now dear, in this matter like seriously its all up to le luck n allah
Fortunately (??) I got the 'kinder lecturers' but bear in mind they still have those JUDGEMENTAL EYES.
So actually my 'passion' n guilt for not putting fashion for the first choice on le upu n well thanks to my 'inspiration' kim woo bin-shi~~ I made the most outrageous decision evahhh I brought my portfolio hahaha no-_- seriously

I wasnt sure wht I was hoping but I just wanted to bring it. Its a part of me. So moving on to the moment when I stepped into le room. Ehem mommy said "bagi salam tau!" So even if I look like a man with my blazer n my brouges I said 'Asallamualaikum' as sweetly as I could.
Lets change this into a dialogue ey?

Lctr 1: hve a sit
Lctr 2: so AINA NABIHAH huh *scary much?*
Me    : yes sir hehe
Hands lctr the documents n sneakily puts le bag n the portfolio down
Lctr 1: is that a portfolio?  *seriously this dude is sharp*
Me : ehhh.. *blurrr moment*
Lctr 1: let me see! (Better give it gurll) Oohhhhh * looks at le drawings one by one*
Lctr 2 : so which school did u come from?
Me : smk datok lokman
Lctr 1 n 2 : ??
Me : well its beside t smk aminudin baki ampang*smilesss with shame lmao* (never ending explanation of my school location)
Lctr 1 finishes my portfolio n shows it briely to lctr 2 with a smile on his face.
Lctr 1 : so all this drawings are signed by the kpop artist themselves? *mindblow this dude knows about le kpop*
Me : no.. umm its all my signature ^^
Lctr 2 : why didnt u apply for arts n design department
Lctr 1 : yeah. Im actually impressed with some of the drawings.
Me : I did but I got the mass com offer
Lctr 1n 2 : oh u did
N we keep talking bout my applications on mass com n design
Me : actually I wanted to be a fashion designer but I want to live abroad so I dont think it will work
Lctr 1 : *super judging eyes* if u never try u never know
Lctr 2 : yes thts true
I feel like a criminal
So then starts my story of how I start fearing my own dream.
Lctr 1 : ohh I see *still synical*
Me : *quickly storm up an answer* but the reason why I chose mass com is that so I can do fashion journalism
Lctr 2 : oh so u do hve an idea of where u are going. Thts good
Lctr 1 : u read books?
Me : a lot of fashion magazines of course lctr 2 : wht types
Me : cleo, intrend, harpers bazaar* hihi I lied with le poker face *
Lctr 1 : im actually disappointed that u dont read VOUGE *seriously dude Im like 17.. huh its a bit expensive. Cleo is like 5 dollars*
Me : ohhhh *poker face*
Lctr 1 : *spurts out some weird western lady* u know her?
Me : designer I guess..
Lctr 1 : shes the editor of vouge
Fuuuuuuuuu** im dead
Lctr 2 : u know jimmy choo?
Heh mr thank u for saving me butt
Me: of courseeeeeee *confident beb*
Lctr 2 : I see tht u relly do like fashion
Lctr 1 : smirk
Lctr 2 : wht do u think of kate Middleton
Me : she is very classic and elegant
Lctr 1 : of course
Me : but im dissapointed tht she wont dress more sexy
Lctr 2 : u know she' s pregnant?
Poker le face aibi
Me : yes but still she has great figures why not flaunt it. There's nothing to be ashamed of
Lctr1 looks at lctr 2 with weird/shocked eyes. Turns out my fvcking stupid mind translated Middleton as Winslet. Heol~ I just said tht the princess of england should be more sexy n not be shy -_- im like seriously wow... just wow . Still keeping le poker face.
Lctr 2 : okay lets say tht I give u the chance to choose btwn fashion n mass com.honestly which wud u choose?
Me : *my mind n heart was burning with passion* emotionally fashion of course *like seriously im like.. huh now Im really screwed* but I have so many doubts thats why I want to do fashion journalism
Lctr 1 : ok.. I like how u calculated the risks and all and I see that u do have a point.
Lctr 2 : ok tht would be all . Any question?

So I asked him how I can write about fashion if I don't hve the basics.  N he said its okay,  read a lot of mags n esp VOUGE n just pump up ur portfolio cuz harpers bazaar is constantly searching for people like u. I took my portfolio n documents but before I left this is what I said : I really wants this opportunity
Technically I was trying to ensure them that I do want to learn

So, simply it doesn't matter how prepared u are what important is how u communicate n how u express ur opinions.
Idk if I will get it but I seriously was honest in tht interview n I am proud of myself. Oh another thing POKER FACE. u need to look stern.


Friday, February 8, 2013

fashion LUST : im flyingggggg XD jeremy scott's creations suits angels

" i'm currently flying to skies cloud nine "
one sentence fit to describe the beauty of Jeremy Scott's creation
winged sneakers <3

worn by so many A-listers, it's a must have item for those 
whose income is at least RM 5000 per month.
(literally, it requires a lot of dough)

it's so expensive that a student like me need to work for about two month 
and spend the whole salary on this particular 
pair of sneakers.... (o.0)
this one is found @ KLCC 

price is RM 840
 BUT the bright side is that it's so hot that the all famous and sexy 
lee howon aka HOYA of infinite wore this exact shoe 
on KBS music bank on their debut as H.
and i had been dreaming of this shoe two month before the broadcast...

i want this shoe so bad i gave the store my phone number in case it's sold out
unfortunately im pretty sure even until then 
i won't be able to buy it...

shoe..... i want you .....


Thursday, April 12, 2012

fashion LUST : overSIZED knit sweater

man it's been a while!
well i'm back n ready to party rock fashion the globe!!!!
(lol do i even make sense??) trending is the oversized knit sweater tht is all over the mags!!
gosh im, am so infatuated with those cute LOOSE sweaters!!
it's just so effortlessly stylish and sexy..... (>3<)
cuz of it's loose fit cuttings it really makes you look somewht taller n leaner.'s also a bonus for those people who are a plus sized cuz most of the time it will fit n make us chubby girls look more slimmer

goodness , , , i really want these knit sweaters!
it looks so good n yummy!! if only i have more money n a freakin rich parents.
lol i'd buy every single one of these n wear them everyday^^

oh well wht can i say, i'll just have to study really hard n get a really good job n buy them ALL!!!!

lol yep i am a potentially obsessed shopaholic  
 but fashion is so addictive!!!

anyway tht's all 4 today(*___*)


Friday, November 11, 2011

my daily STYLE : yellow neon cotton pants

so i promised tht i'd upload my picture of how i wear neon yellow pants on the  fashion LUST : neon denim pants . so here they are .......... dum....dum....dum

OK so wht i wore was a green plaid shirt from diesel(rm 59.90) orange tank top from F.O.S (rm 30 for 3) and YELLOW cotton pants from scarlet (rm49.90) plus a vest i bought a million years ago so i kinda forgot wht brand and price.^^

all of my clothes never cost me more than rm100 cuz im a student n i have a very tight budget(>0<)

anyway tht's all^^


Saturday, November 5, 2011

KPOP fever : NERD glasses are adorable

i love the super big glasses or nerdie style cuz its super duper crazay cute!!
can't believe me?

here is a very convincing evidence.........

so...isn't they the cutest guys ever n with super nerdie glasses!!
(FYI this hottie here is cnu from b1a4 and lee gi kwang from a b2uty anyway^^.check out b1a4 new mv

so these are some of the types and sizes.
ok,sometimes choosing the wrong type of glasses can make you look nerdie in a BAD way so always opt for the right size and shape so that it can actually flatters you n make you look good.

if u r really gooood looking then technically anything works but if u have a round or a square face like me n my cousin you gotta find the most appropriate shapes.

..for round or chubby faces, a SQUARE glasses can actually frame your face better and gives you a polished look.
..while people with square faces can use a rounder type of glasses to soften your strong facial structures.

wht to wear them with......
for guys.

for girls

so ths all for 2day!
selamat hari raya aidiladha!!


fashion LUST......neon denim pants!!

damn i lust for those sexy neon denim pants!!
they just looks so cool!!

if anyone were to wear them i'd think they are the awesomest trend setter ever!!
esp bright red denim pants or purple colored denim pants!its just so sexy!!

some of the stars spotted wearing em' are.....

fergie,ashley simpsons and rachel bilson.

see how those pants pops out and kinda grab our attention so much!so if you wanna be a show stopper these types of denims really works!!

i bought one, yellow pants but its not really denim kinda like cotton but the texture is similar to denim.
its cheaper and kinda like a alternative for those with lower budgets like me^^
but yellow pants is lil bit trickier to match with my clothes.

when you're wearing yellow pants opt for something that is classic and simple or you can always do layering with common colors.u can also go with similar tones,play up the citrus color and have fun!!

i'll upload my picture n how i wear my yellow pants later so see ya!!