Saturday, November 5, 2011

fashion LUST......neon denim pants!!

damn i lust for those sexy neon denim pants!!
they just looks so cool!!

if anyone were to wear them i'd think they are the awesomest trend setter ever!!
esp bright red denim pants or purple colored denim pants!its just so sexy!!

some of the stars spotted wearing em' are.....

fergie,ashley simpsons and rachel bilson.

see how those pants pops out and kinda grab our attention so much!so if you wanna be a show stopper these types of denims really works!!

i bought one, yellow pants but its not really denim kinda like cotton but the texture is similar to denim.
its cheaper and kinda like a alternative for those with lower budgets like me^^
but yellow pants is lil bit trickier to match with my clothes.

when you're wearing yellow pants opt for something that is classic and simple or you can always do layering with common colors.u can also go with similar tones,play up the citrus color and have fun!!

i'll upload my picture n how i wear my yellow pants later so see ya!!


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