Thursday, April 24, 2014

DRAMA QUEEN : lee bo young

well i have been a hardcore fan of the drama god's gift 14 days.
well the awesome plot really drew me in and obviously the fact that the actress is lee bo young, it's rather promising. personally i love her acting! she has this bitchy/strong-ish kind of vibe.
not the typical cute, innocent and personally rather naive type of acting where its always "smiling but broken inside" kinda thing.
her acting felt real! i mean she ugly-cries people!! (though she still look like a goddess)

but baro was like the bamm!! factor i guess muehehehe since im a b1a4 stan and seriously i KENNOT keep a straight face seeing him stutter! he's a beast! at rapping n acting dumb <3
but back to lee bo young!

wow i gotta say i love love love her style in this drama!
its really the the big sluggish layers that makes all the difference haha she looks like one tasty layer cake each time this lady sets out to find the killer! but this technique is actually very refined....

too much layers n you'll definitely look bulky, too little just becomes why bother?! 
so what i noticed here is that they are playing with a lot of neutral tones.
olive/military green
brown (definitely)

now these are the colors that works amazing when layered together! from my point of view, never...
I MEAN NEVER go with bright colors if you want to do some serious layering! you'll look like this..

 seriously i have seen this before! this person looked like a walking popsicle!
and apparently, she does not look tasty
nu uh~~

now this is another look i realllllyy~~~~~~ love! screen caped from le drama, soohyun looks amazing!

what an annoyingly cute couple (i don't like this guy -_-) 

but she does rock the knitted-esque blazer amazingly. apparently its kind of her signature in this drama, the costume designer prob wanted to make soo hyun's rugged character a whole cuz i see bo young wearing lots of these androgynous outfit.
boyfriend style or oversized <3

she also plays a lot with scarves, since the shooting started somewhere around the end winter, practically her outfits were probably intended to be warm. but its nice how they incorporated these accessories, that at the same time still very much androgynous. seriously i never saw this lady with a bracelet or a necklace. 

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