Friday, April 25, 2014

DRAMA QUEEN : how you can do the layers

so i made a set in polyvore which i stopped doing ages ago!! to kinda show ya how to layer like lee bo young in god's gift 14 days.

  • i used the floral bustier to make it a bit feminine. i want this look to be a bit more balanced
  • one rule of the thumb when layering, the plaid is like timeless.  
  • the white shirt inside act as a canvas, usually building up the colours.
  • since the color are not so varied, plum handbag will make this look more polished (manly)
  • galaxy shoes?!! yeah, hve fun with ya look ^^ 
  • plum lips baby !! i love wearing dark lips cuz uhhh... well vampy is the new sexy

so these are my tips. and yeah denim are so in these days, esp distressed one <3 it makes the whole outfit feel more relaxed and well we don't want to look overdone too much  right.

my current plum/purple lipstick im using now is revlon colorburst matte balm : shameless
i love love love it xD

will do a review later about this lip balm x3

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