Friday, February 8, 2013

fashion LUST : im flyingggggg XD jeremy scott's creations suits angels

" i'm currently flying to skies cloud nine "
one sentence fit to describe the beauty of Jeremy Scott's creation
winged sneakers <3

worn by so many A-listers, it's a must have item for those 
whose income is at least RM 5000 per month.
(literally, it requires a lot of dough)

it's so expensive that a student like me need to work for about two month 
and spend the whole salary on this particular 
pair of sneakers.... (o.0)
this one is found @ KLCC 

price is RM 840
 BUT the bright side is that it's so hot that the all famous and sexy 
lee howon aka HOYA of infinite wore this exact shoe 
on KBS music bank on their debut as H.
and i had been dreaming of this shoe two month before the broadcast...

i want this shoe so bad i gave the store my phone number in case it's sold out
unfortunately im pretty sure even until then 
i won't be able to buy it...

shoe..... i want you .....


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